El Pikó Electrikó – A programmatic song

Caver of the first release of Galletas Bailables: Systema-Solar: El-Boton-Del-Pantalon/El-Piko-Electriko

El Pikó Electrikó – A programmatic song

A 7 Inch vinyl of the collective “Systema Solar” has a B side with the song “El Pikó Electrikó”. The title of the song together with the name of the collective seems to be a programmatic statement for the contemporary interpretation of the Picó Culture, how we would like to define it.

The label “Galletas Calientes Records” released in 2017 the 7-inch vinyl “El Botón Del Pantalón / El Pikó Electrikó” of the Colombian collective “Systema Solar”, the kings of Berbenautika[1] from Colombia. The single features the already well-known Champeta[2] hit “El Botón Del Pantalón”, and an unreleased electronic Gaita[3] tune, “El Pikó Electrikó”. Only played live by the band, this B-side-track won’t be released on their forthcoming album.

The single was the first release of the series “Galletas Bailables”. The labelGalletas Calientes Records” (France/Colombia) founded this sub-label only for their 7-inch vinyl releases. These delicious cookies to dance to will take you to a journey into Colombian, Latin American and European modern folklore: Champeta[2], Cumbia[4], Balkanica[5], Porro[6], Currulao[7], Bullerengue[8], Salsa[9], Charanga[10], Descarga[11], Pachanga[12], blended with electronic music and Hip-hop are among the genres the label will try to compile for an interested audience.

Fernando González[13] writes online at a page called “The International Review of Music” about the collective “Systema Solar”: „Post-modernism might be a cool, interesting artistic choice in wealthy cultures, but in Latin America recycling, repurposing, mixing and matching, and generally ignoring stylistic rules is both a way of life and a necessity. ‘Systema Solar’, a Colombian collective that freely mixes Hip-hop, Rap, and Techno with Afro-Colombian grooves, traditional instruments and Colombia’s own ideas about sound systems[14], is Latin American ersatz post-modernism at its best – razor sharp, and fun.

Formed in late 2006 for a performance at the opening ceremony of the biennial of contemporary art of Medellin in 2007, the group includes MC John Primera, vocalist Indigo, producer Pellegrino[15] (called the group’s sonic architect), DJ Daniboom[16], VJ Pata de perro (Dogleg) and DJ Corpas. They call their approach Berbenáutika[1], a made-up definition that alludes to two young traditions on the Caribbean coast of Colombia: the [P]ikós[13], or Colombian sound systems, which also feature singing, rapping and live playing; and the verbenas[17], or street parties in Cartagena and Barranquilla. The music is an irresistible mix of traditional rhythms such as the Cumbia[4], Porro[6], Bullerengue[8], Fandango[18], Champeta[2] and other modern Afro-Pop styles with [H]iphop, Techno, Rap and scratching. Add some live VJ, pointed (and often funny) lyrics, and you have, well, a true, moveable Verbena[17]. […] this is party music with smarts, purpose and a sense of humor. To inventory and analyze all the parts would only miss the point of the whole. Well beyond the talk about modernity, tradition and meaningful messages, a big part of Systema Solars’ appeal is its vitality, energy and sense of fun. With a nod to noted philosopher and funkmaster Bootsy Collins, the message here is simple: Free your ass and your mind will follow.”[19]

[1] Berbenautika to put it in simple terms means that Systema Solar create through their music an imaginary state of bliss in where they are the cosmonauts traveling and spreading thumping Caribbean parties
[2] Roughly a modern, Colombian re-working of Congolese Soukous
[3] Eyes On Colombia/The Colombian Gaita
[4] Cumbia! Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music Genre
[5] Modern Balkan music
[6] Colombias own sub-genre of Cumbia
[7] Currulao es un género musical que se baila principalmente en la región Pacífica, aunque estrictamente hablando, también hace referencia a la danza folclórica de la región del Pacífico de Colombia.
[8] Bullerengue is a traditional musical genre and dance from the Caribbean Region of Colombia and the Darién Province in Panama.
[9] Salsa music is a style of Latin American music.
[10] Charanga-vallenata is a style of Latin music that combines conjunto, charanga and vallenato-style accordion.
[11] Cuban genre consisting of improvised jam sessions incorporating elements of Jazz and Afro-Cuban music. In the musical context of ‘Salsa’ or Afro Cuban popular music the term ‘Descarga’ is the equivalent of a Jam Session.
[12] Pachanga is a genre of music which is described as a mixture of son montuno and merengue and has an accompanying signature style of dance.
[13] About Fernando González
[14] Pico! Pico! Pico! The technicolour sound systems of Barranquilla – in pictures or e.g. Uraba Sound System: Sounding with purpose
[15] INTERVIEW: Systema Solar’s Juan Carlos Pellegrino on Their Latest Album ‘Rumbo a Tierra’
[16] Dani Boom – Boiler Room Bogotá DJ Set
[17] Verbana is a special kind of Urban street party
[18] Der Fandango ist ein spanischer Singtanz, dessen Ursprung in Amerika vermutet wird.
[19] Galletas Bailables 01 – Systema Solar – Galletas Calientes – Toolbox records – your vinyl records store

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