Larissa Rodiga & Arthur de Liz Sperb (Visual Artists)

Larissa & Arthur

Larissa Rodiga holds a degree in educational sciences and is currently immersed in the world of Interaction Design. Delving into societal dynamics, Larissa’s art particularly explores the role of women amidst challenges like sexualization. Through her work, she seeks to foster understanding and dialogue on these complex issues, weaving technology and creativity into a thoughtful exploration of societal themes.

Arthur de Liz Sperb, 21, Brazilian, currently living in Austria for his studies in Information Design. Despite being in the early stages of his artistic journey, Arthur has already left his mark in Berlin and Graz, showcasing his passion for linocuts, prints and mural art. Street Art and the wonders of nature serve as his everyday muses, inspiring him to bring his humble yet heartfelt artworks to life.

Larissa Rodiga and Arthur de Liz Sperb are the creator of the artwork of the Graz Grammar Picó Sound System 2024.