Picó Artwork 2024

Larissa Rodiga, Arthur de Liz Sperb, Picó Artwork 2024

About the image of the Graz Grammar Picó in 2024 / Zur Bildgestaltung des Graz Grammar Picós im Jahr 2024

In this thought-provoking artwork, the inspiration drawn from the earlier “Amazon Magyar” takes on a distinct and innovative form. Aiming to challenge conventional perceptions of the female body as an object of desire, the piece prompts reflection on the extent to which people can truly recognize the feminine figure beyond stereotypes.

The primary objective of this piece is to employ stencils, strategically creating negative spaces that deconstruct the conventional image of the female form. Through this process, the artist endeavors to present the Amazon not merely as an embodiment of power, strength, and allure, but as a multifaceted symbol representing knowledge (embodied by the book in her hand) and joyous celebration (captured by the disco ball in the other hand). The deliberate use of stencils, with their reliance on negative space, underscores the portrayal of a deconstructed Amazon, urging viewers to see beyond preconceived notions.

The diverse use of artistic elements such as spray paint, tags, bombs, names, figures, stencils, and traditional painting serves to merge the vibrancy and dynamism of street art with the refined setting of the pico. This fusion invites the viewer to imagine extracting a fragment of a street wall, adorned with an array of street art, and transplanting it into the pico. The symbolism is poignant – just as street art embodies freedom, collaboration, inclusivity, and a riot of colors, so too does the pico. By extension, music, another form of freedom and love, becomes an integral part of this narrative.

The intentional juxtaposition of these techniques and symbols creates a powerful intersection, symbolizing the freedom of womanhood – a declaration that women are more than societal expectations suggest. Placed against a backdrop reminiscent of street art, the artwork communicates a universal message, urging viewers to recognize this cause as collective, liberating, and diverse. It is a celebration of strength, knowledge, collaboration, and the vivid tapestry that makes up the essence of womanhood.

More information about the artists are here.

Text: Larissa Rodiga & Arthur de Liz Sperb / Photo credits: © rok

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